Let’s talk about the bronze medal production process (pictures)

2024-01-20 11:10

  A bronze medal is usually awarded to the third place winner in a competition. The first and second winners of the competition usually receive gold and silver medals respectively. The practice is said to have been pioneered by a Jewish king.

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  During the first few modern Olympic Games, there was a time when silver and bronze medals were awarded to the winners as first and second place medals.

  The following is an introduction to the bronze medal production process.

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  1. Determine the size and cut the copper sheet according to the customer's requirements. The cut should be square, with four corners at 90 degrees, folded or welded edges all around, and the edges should be folded toward the back to form a 90-degree angle with the bronze medal (the edge width is generally 2-3 cm).

  2. To clean the surface, use clean gauze dipped in xylene or gasoline and wipe it twice to remove oil stains on the copper surface. It is best to use xylene. If there is no xylene or gasoline, you can use hot water mixed with high-efficiency washing powder instead. When using xylene or gasoline, no open flames or smoking are allowed. After wiping with washing powder and water, dry the water with dry gauze.

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  3. Polishing treatment: Put the cleaned copper sheet on the grinding wheel and then put it on the cloth grinding wheel to polish until it is bright. If there is no grinding wheel, you can use carbon color instead. The method is to hold a straight ruler in your left hand and press it on the copper sheet, and use your right hand to hold a carbon color and rub it back and forth on the copper sheet until the copper sheet shines and the surface has no unevenness or blisters.

  4. Use copy paper to print the text that has been laid out proportionally (use a copy machine or slide show to place the words) on the copper sheet.

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  5. Apply tape and carve words. Use strong transparent polyester tape to seal the entire bronze medal (including the words). The tapes should be covered and sealed in the shape of fish scales. Apply 2 layers and then use a sharp utility knife to carve out the text: there is no tape on the text part. Carving of characters should be done carefully and not out of shape.

  6. The etched and hollowed text is no longer sealed with tape. At this time, 30% nitric acid solution is poured onto the text. Wear rubber gloves when operating to avoid burns. The concentration of nitric acid can be controlled by yourself in practice. The time when the concentration is low will be longer, and vice versa. After pouring nitric acid, you should touch the words with your hands (wearing gloves) from time to time. If you feel that there is a certain depth, the corrosion will stop and the nitric acid will be washed away quickly with clean water. Then remove the tape and wipe away the water stains.

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  7. Polishing process: Use cloth grinding wheel or carbon color to polish the bronze medal again.

  8. Painting treatment

  A. Spray transparent baking paint or baking paint on the copper sheet. An air compressor can be used as a spray painting tool. If an air compressor is not available, a manual sprayer can be used instead. Before spraying, the paint should be diluted with xylene or banana water until it can be sprayed into a mist.

  B. Apply red or black baking paint on the text according to customer requirements.

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  9. For baking treatment, build a simple drying room. It is best to lay an iron sheet at the bottom and the iron sheet around it. The area is about 1 square meter (according to the size of the general bronze medal). There is a built-in iron frame for placing the bronze medal. A 2 kilowatt electric furnace or electric heating wire is placed under the iron frame. Install a leakage protector in the room). Put the bronze medal into the drying room, close the drying room door, and turn on the electricity. Bake at 120°C for 1 hour. At this time, the baking paint is firm and the copper sheet is shiny.

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  The oil on the surface of the copper sheet must be cleaned

  When using xylene or gasoline, it is strictly prohibited to use open flames or smoke.

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