Fields of Application of Medals (Figure)

  Medals are now given victories, a symbol of glory. The medal customization shows that he is a unique honor. Let the staff of Joseph Metal show you the knowledge of medal customization:

trophy and medal

metal award medal

  The role of medal production:

  1. Awarded to the winner of the game, especially in sports events, it symbolizes the value of honor and sports games.

  2. To reward individuals, outstanding units, and outstanding groups, to promote the continuous progress of individuals and groups, and to play a motivating role.

  3. Professionally customized medals give people the material representation and reward of success, as well as spiritual encouragement, which is the best of both worlds.

engraved medals

sports medal

  The main materials for making medals:

  Aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver, etc., are made through certain medal techniques. In recent years, the value of medal collection has become more and more prominent, especially the medals and commemorative plaques made of metal materials have become the mainstream of medal production.

metal medals

custom race medals

  Medal design:

  1. Design according to the meaning and main purpose of medal customization.

  2. The size of the medal is designed according to the actual needs of customers.

  3. The shape and appearance of the medals, including flat, 3D, etc., are determined according to the purpose of the customer.

  4. The material of the medal. The material determines the quality of the medal, which is very important.

  The above is the sharing about medal customization brought to you! The staff of Joseph Metal will serve you wholeheartedly!

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