Sharing of Maintenance Tips for Metal Trophies (Picture)

         With the increasing popularity of crystal gifts, crystal trophies gradually stand out from the trophies of many materials. Artificial crystal trophies have the advantage of being crystal clear, and their shapes can basically reach the shape of metal trophies (crystal trophies are all made of geometric figures, unlike metal that can be molded and cast, so too abstract shapes cannot be made.), many competition trophies use crystal trophies.





  5 ways to maintain cup medals and medals:

  1. The dust on the metal trophy medals should be wiped off with a clean and soft cloth, and the corner details that require special care should be brushed off with a soft brush or sucked or blown off with a vacuum cleaner;

  2. To prevent mechanical damage to metal trophies and medals, they should not collide with each other or be stacked;

  3. The space for placing metal trophies and medals must be kept dry and free from dust and air pollutants. Temperature at 18°C-24°C, relative humidity at 40%-50%; medal

  4. Prevent contact with harmful chemical substances such as acids, grease, chlorides, etc. that occur on metal trophies. 5. After the metal trophies and medals are placed for too long, there will be more or less dull phenomena depending on the environment in which they are placed. At this time, you can gently wipe them back and forth with a cotton silk fine cloth to achieve the effect of polishing, and then let the protective wax layer on the surface shine again.

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